Light This Light That (LTLT) outdoor lights can be connected to the LTLT Wiring and control system featured in this section of the catalogue.

The LTLT system is modular and is easy to build and disassemble. There is no need for soldering. The system is based on the simple action of ‘plugging in’ any fittting and screwing on a built in cap to make a connection. This connection system is designed to create a good waterproof seal to withstand the outdoor elements. Like LTLT outdoor lights the wiring can be used underwater and is UV resistant.

Every LTLT “light system” starts with a 12v DC regulated transfomer which plugs into a powerpoint and transforms 240 volts to 12 volts regulated DC. The supply of 12 volts DC will drive the LTLT LED lights. All LTLT wiring components and accessories feature the LTLT plug-and-play functionality.

The LTLT wiring system is designed to carry electricity efficiently to the LTLT LED fittings. There are two different wire sizes: the thicker (18 gauge) is used in the main harness, and the thinner (20 gauge) is used to carry enough electricty to run an LTLT LED light fitting. LTLT LED lights are designed to be ultra energy efficient and the use of the smaller sized LTLT wiring to minimise energy wastage and avoid ‘voltage drop’ problems.

The screw on cap found on every LTLT system connection creates a waterproof seal when screwed on properly. In case cap is not screwed on tight enough, we recommended to apply a few drops of ‘marine silicon gel’ to all plug and screw connection points if buried in soil or placed underwater as insurance from ‘tardy’ workmanship (or human error).

Installation time is “10 times faster” than it takes to build a traditonal outdoor light system, and because the system is only 12 volts it can be installed close to ground level. There’s no need for cutting, splicing, soldering, heat shrink or concerns about voltage drop which are a fact of life with halogen and many other LED light systems.

The LTLT system is easy to build, works efficiently and saves time and money.