Architectural Lighting Sydney

Show Off Your Home Our Lighting Products

Bring out the best in your property thanks to the energy-efficient and dazzling lighting solutions provided by the team at Light This Light That. For over 11 years we have continually added to our outstanding and innovative range of beautiful and durable outdoor lighting products.

Consisting of powerful, yet energy-saving LED nodes our lighting products are made to last. Able to be installed at various points in and around your property, our lights can illuminate even the darkest corners of your property, ensuring that the full beauty of your property is visible to friends, family, and guests.

Able to operate safely when exposed to the elements our LED lights can be installed throughout Australian properties with ease to give your home a stylish and contemporary feel. To discover more about our selection of bespoke and detailed architectural lighting, property owners, landscapers/architects, builders, and residents can call us directly on 1300 781 601.