Light This Light That (LTLT) decided from the outset that only the best LEDs would be used to build our Australian made outdoor light range. There are a few reputable LED manufacturers in the world producing great LEDs to choose from such as Nichia, Philips, Osram, and Cree.

LTLT has chosen Nichia as its LED partner for the outdoor light range (featured in this catalogue) because 5mm ‘Through Hole’

LEDs are our preferred type of LED for our outdoor lighting system, and Nichia have designed and supply the world’s best 5mm ‘Through Hole’ LEDs.

Nichia is a world leader in LED technology and the world’s largest supplier of LEDs, and their invention and development of white LEDs in 2003 has been the foundation of the global advancement of energy efficient, environmentally friendly solid state fittings.

Nichia 5mm ‘Through Hole’ LEDs have many advantages over other LEDs for outdoor use including being the smallest, lowest wattage, cool to touch, solid state, robust with built-in lenses. With no ultra-violet light and Infrared radiation emitted, they also do not attract insects like other lights do.

‘Through Hole’ LEDs generate far less heat than other LEDs and given that heat is the main contributor to the degradation of an LED, it is easier to prolong the life of an LED by using 5mm ‘Through Hole’ LEDs on smart LTLT designed circuit boards.These are the same LEDs used in traffic lights whereby the LEDs are expected to work after operating continuously for 5 years (24 hours per day 7 days a week) in rain, hail and the heat of the day.

These solid state lights have no moving parts which can break, leak or contaminate and as a result LED’s are not subject to sudden failure or burn out,  like typical garden light sources that use a filament to create light. Furthermore, because the 5mm LEDs are solid state (no air inside) and cool to run they are not vulnerable to ‘syphoning’ (internal water damage to electrics) as happens with outdoor lights which produce a lot of heat and hot to touch. The clear solid state silicon protection around a 5mm LED not only makes the LED waterproof, but it also acts as a lense too. Therefore by using the 5mm LED we avoid the extra component costs of lenses and with waterproofing the face of the LED.

Nichia 5mm LEDs used in LTLT lights use far less energy than other types of LEDs, such as SMDs, and are driven by small low voltage transformers.  This significant reduction in running costs, coupled with robust and reliable deign and no globes to change, which further reduce maintenance costs, make LTLT outdoor lights a cost effective outdoor light system.