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Light This Light That (LTLT) started in 2006. From the beginning, LTLT was a pioneer in LED lighting for the outdoors, and still leads the way with innovative ‘best of breed’ technology in the most beautifully designed landscape fixtures.

Our primary objective was to design, manufacture and market quality Australian LED lights for the outdoors as an alternative to the traditional halogen garden lights. We planned to overcome the halogen’s inherent problems such as being expensive to run, corrode in coastal environments, vulnerable to syphoning damage, and the burden of constant replacement of globes.

In 2006 we released the unique plug-and-play system to drive the LTLT LED lights. Every part of the light system, from the timer sensor, remote, to the light fitting, was simple to construct with the plug and play functionality. This to these exceptional features we stand apart as one fo the leading lighting companies operating in Sydney.

This advanced system, along with our quality made LED lights enable easy installation and the ability to change and create the desired lighting effect quickly. Our customers became brilliant light effect specialists thanks to the ease of the system and quality of the lights. As a result, everyone who has been introduced to the system has been impressed and amazed with the light effect and how hassle free our LTLT system is to construct.

Our first public demonstration was in 2007 at Floriade, and we were awarded “Best Light Effect Design: Floriade 2007”. LTLT again featured in the awards in 2008. At LTLT we are proud of our achievements and our position as one of the best lighting companies in Sydney. By putting the desires and needs of our customers first LTLT will continue to incorporate lighting technology innovations into our products.

We have come a long way since 2006. We’ve had our successes and costly failures. The experience we gained from continuous research and development has helped us become a leader in the Australian LED landscape lighting industry. In our catalogue, we have selected our best designs over the years to offer the Australian and export market a quality product made in Australia supported by an unrivalled level of service.

Like technology, change is inevitable and LTLT will continue to improve our lights and light system to provide our customers with the best in outdoor lighting technology in beautifully designed fixtures.
Award Winning Manufacturer
Whilst taking advantage of the great light effects that could be produced with LED technology, LTLT aimed to design the world’s most energy and cost efficient outdoor lights.

To design a cost-effective outdoor LED light system, we considered the system as a whole, not just the fitting.

Because every garden and every person have different needs, we developed a solution based system for any situation. Hence the plug-and-play feature was implemented to make changes easily and quickly when building the light design. With our desire to continue to be a leading lighting manufacturer, Sydney residents throughout the metro area can enjoy our detailed and safe products to light up their gardens.

To meet the needs of a diverse audience we designed and offered a range of lights for different tastes. We have steered away from the traditional “one size fits all” which is typical of what halogen outdoor lights offered, and offer a choice of size, strength and tone of light to help achieve a great light design.

Most LED light manufacturers’ focus has been to design the brightest LED light using SMD LED technology in their attempt to emulate the halogen’s ability to flood light. However, whilst flood lighting is required for general lighting indoors, we believe flood lighting is undesirable and too ‘loud’ for good garden design. LTLT has focused on controlling light and avoiding ‘hot’ spots, rather than flooding gardens with light. We achieve this by taking advantage of the best of breed Nichia 5mm LED over SMD LEDs.

With a focus on style and good design we knew the lights would attract not only landscapers and landscape architects, but also designers from different professions. We wanted to encourage creative freedom and deigned the lights to work underwater. As a result, all LTLT lights are made from the best materials and components to withstand the harsh Australian conditions, and for use underwater.

To be a successful Australian manufacturer we have always been mindful of the need to keep costs down to compete against the plethora of cheap imports, but at no stage do we sacrifice style or the quality of materials used in building our lights. For more information about why we stand out as one of the best lighting manufacturers, we encourage you to speak to one of our experts today on 1300 781 601.