Beautiful & Energy Efficient Gardens

Since 2006 the talented and passionate team at Light This Light That (LTLT) have improved the layout, design, and atmosphere of gardens and outdoor environments located across Australia. With our beautiful, stylish, and energy-efficient garden lighting solutions, Australian paths and landscapes have never looked better!

Made to save our customers money and the lessen the negative impact on the environment, our low voltage landscape lighting transforms Australian gardens into picturesque and dazzling spaces that highlight the natural beauty of the area. Made from safe, weather-resistant, and durable materials the lighting experts can provide the best landscape lighting suitable for Australian residents living in metropolitan areas and beyond.

Utilising energy-efficient LED nodes to provide lighting that lasts LTLT strives to provide lighting solutions that save you money, use less power, and can last for countless hours without needing replacement.

Superior Landscapes Lighting Designs

At Light This Light That we place the desires and needs of our customers first. Perfect for installation in domestic, commercial, and residential spaces you will be amazed at the difference even just a few of our high-quality lights will make to the appearance and safety of your outdoor environment. Available in a number of different styles and colours, our garden lights make Australian gardens truly beautiful and perfectly complement the existing flora that has been planted.

Thanks to our focused, renowned, and flawless lighting solutions and products, the team at Light This Light That can save you money by slashing wasted energy expended on operating your garden lighting. To discover more about how you can benefit from our outstanding landscape lighting, call us today on 1300 781 601.